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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 11 Jul 2019
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    'Starting From the Bottom' - Top Entrepreneurs

    How do you quantify 'successful' or 'top' entrepreneurs? There are certainly ways to measure it that require little to no research - you just think of some of the more famous names out there in the financial, technology, investment world.

    Take some time to think about it, right now. You'd have likely come up with names that are just so 'quintessentially' successful that it's hard to think of them being in any other circumstances: your Warren Buffets, Jeff Bezos’, Bill Gates’, etc.

    But what about those that had to endure some of the toughest times in their, and possibly even your life? Not to buckle under that kind of pressure, but to persevere and re-invent themselves as a success? I think that's a good start for understanding that makes the list of top entrepreneurs.

    Some of these people you'll likely already know the names, but not the stories of, and maybe some will be role models to identify with when your road starts to go rocky and vertical.

    Jan Koum - CEO and Founder of WhatsApp

    Born in Ukraine, Jan Koum and his family immigrated to California when he was 16. Things weren't correctly set up for him to just get to work immediately; having to work shifts as a Janitor in a grocery store while spending his spare time learning computer coding from old textbooks and manuals.

    From there, he finally pioneered the idea for WhatsApp after seeing the potential of mobile apps. Fast forward to now, and Koum has moved a long way; going from surviving on less than minimum wage and food stamps to be worth nearly 10 billion dollars.

    J.K. Rowling - Author of the Harry Potter series

    Often accredited for getting a whole new generation into the world of literature, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series was far from inevitable, only being picked up by one curious publisher by pure coincidence.

    During her years before writing, Rowling was left jobless with no source of income in Scotland and lived on UK Benefits. Being a single parent, she dreamt up the idea of a wizarding school when she was delayed on a train.

    Her very first book was a struggle for her; taking more than seven years to finish even before having it placed in front of publishers. Years later and one book became seven, eight movies and her the first billionaire-listed author in history.

    John Paul DeJoria - From Streets to Salons and Bars and Nightclubs

    When we say 'Streets' we mean this very literally. John Paul DeJoria found himself in the unenviable position of being involved in street gangs at a young age, along with being homeless on more than one occasion.

    Even when things got better with his then-wife and family, she abandoned him and their son, taking all the money with her. Taking on any job he could, DeJoria proved himself to be a skilled salesman, selling hair care products individually.

    But even then, frequently due to not 'fitting in' with various companies, he found himself getting fired frequently, before finding his true place - founding his first business with a hairdresser friend. While taking years of perseverance and work to get it off the ground, John Paul DeJoria has managed to rack up a net worth of 2.6 billion dollars, along with founding Patron and a series of nightclubs.

    If you know any remarkable success stories from entrepreneurs that you'd like to share, let us know!