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    Posted by Celsius Network 7 Jun 2019
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    Celsius Network Telegram Community Update

    Celsius Network has always been committed to doing what is best for its community, and it is our highest priority to provide Celsius members with the safest and most secure user experience possible. To date, there has yet to be a security breach on the Celsius Network platform, and we have continued to put advanced security features in place to ensure that our network is proactive in defending against any potential new threats. We’ve also implemented a number of user-enabled settings to empower our members to diversify their account security options with unique PINs, two-factor authentication, automated security alerts, and a comprehensive in-app security review.

    In recent weeks, there has been a marked increase in malicious activity on Telegram, including attempts to obtain private details from Celsius users. As our community grows and we look towards some very exciting announcements coming soon, we no longer feel that an open and public Telegram channel is what is best for our community.

    Celsius Network is a leader in security and safety in the crypto industry, and now we are taking another imperative step to further protect our community and continue to act in their best interest.

    Beginning Monday, June 10 at 12:00 PM EST, the Celsius Network Telegram channel will be converted into an announcements-only channel.

    This means the group chat function will be disabled, and users will no longer be able to respond directly within the official Celsius channel. The channel will remain active for updates from the Celsius team and will be one of several platforms used to share information with our community.

    Telegram has been an integral part of our community outreach strategy allowing users to connect with other Celsians and crypto enthusiasts in the space, and to engage directly with our hardworking team of moderators and support representatives who have devoted countless hours to the Celsius chat. By converting our channel to an announcement channel, users within the group will remain anonymous, and therefore will have another added layer of protection from potential scammers looking to steal funds and private information.

    While this decision will not eradicate the threat of malicious attacks completely, we strongly believe this is a fundamental step to provide the best possible experience for our users and hope that others in the industry choose to follow our lead by eliminating Telegram as a potential hub for crypto scammers.

    As a general security precaution, Celsius Network has a strict policy of never messaging a user first. This extends to ALL social networking platforms, and anyone who receives the first message from someone claiming to be a Celsius employee should report the user on the designated platform and notify our team directly at [email protected].

    Change is never easy, but we look forward to growing our robust network of digital communities in the safest and most responsible way.

    Please join us our additional community platforms:

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