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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 7 Jul 2019
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    Content Marketing For Startups

    The world of entrepreneurship is a wild, often fun and more often gruelling, one. Whether you're taking your very first steps at building up on your initial blueprints, or you're taking your side project/hobby to the next exciting level of its evolution, one thing remains crucial for its long-term success and your future prosperity - getting the word out.

    A store without either a large flow of customers or highly loyal ones is a bank foreclosure and vacant lot waiting to happen. It's for this reason that, no matter where your startup company is based, in the real world, online or both, having a powerful arsenal at your disposal for promoting your brand and appealing to a mass market is paramount.

    Specifically, you need to have an effective Content Marketing strategy in your arsenal in order to ensure the future prosperity and success of your startup and yourself as an ambitious new entrepreneur.

    At its core, content marketing is the method of planning, creating and distributing content that can help to take the message of your company far further. Using a range of on-site content, to visual graphics and even just highly shareable content on social media platforms.

    Not sure where to begin? Let this article be a good introduction to content marketing for your company!

    First - Have a Plan for Marketing Your Content and Company

    Take some time to really consider the kind of market that your startup needs to appeal to. In a previous article, we discuss the importance of knowing where your end-user fits into the architecture of your business. Here is where you'll need to have that fleshed out.

    Have a plan of what kind of content you think will have the biggest positive impact on your end user, and what kind of rate of circulation you're going to have and where you'll distribute these.

    For example, on social media platforms - having articles on the influence of your brand and how it addresses key needs within the market may work for LinkedIn, but that simply won't cut it for Twitter and Facebook.

    The latter two - you need to have a better focus on more visual content like memes (not a bad word), downloadable e-books and highly shareable graphics and promotional discounts on your products.

    Second - Be a Regular Poster

    Just look at any kind of influencer on Social Blade and one thing you'll notice is that the more irregular posters score lower and make less, and that makes perfect sense - you throw users and customers into irregularity and they'll disconnect from your brand.

    Regularity is key.

    Once you have your underlying strategy for content marketing online and across social media channels sorted, you'll need to ensure that your startup is regularly refreshed with new and impactful content no matter what medium you advertise it on.

    Third - Go Niche With Your Content

    When creating content for your startup's website, don't be afraid to engage in some real niche discussions and articles.

    This allows you to really stand out from amongst the crowd for a number of reasons - one being that customers will take to google or any other search engine to find answers to pretty specialist subjects, and if you emerge as a key thinker providing guidance, then you've turned visitors to potentially loyal users.

    Second, Google searches are powerful, and discussing niche topics, along with some good SEO practices can net your startup a great reputation under the company's algorithm, meaning that you'll rise in the search rankings. Persevere in this way and chances are you'll be able to hit the front page for specific searches too.

    These are just some of the ways in which you can get started with an effective content marketing campaign in order to take your business to the next level.