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    Posted by Ezystayz 21 Aug 2019
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    The highly centralized hospitality market, the way it has existed for the past two decades, has a lot of issues.

    The market is ruled by a few giants such as and AirBnb. The astronomical fees that users have to pay and personal data leaking are inevitable evil that we all have to put up with since there has been no alternative. In fact, one cannot even imagine that things could be different.

    But they could. The era of decentralized blockchain solutions is a breath of fresh air that the hospitality market needs. And Ezystayz offers the service to provide this breath.

    The problems of the centralized hospitality platforms

    Here are the key issues of the industry that Ezystayz addresses.

    High fees

    Since the market is monopolized by just a few companies, they are free to set up whatever fees they desire. Travelers have to pay high fees and property owners have to give away the lion's share of their profits to these companies.

    With Ezystayz, users will only have to pay a small fee for using the service and property owners will get most of their earnings to themselves. Thus, they will be able to offer accommodation for smaller prices and still earn much more than on centralized platforms.

    Data security.

    The centralized hospitality services are the favorite targets of hackers since they contain users private data in a single database. Names, phone numbers, addresses and credit card details - one small security breach may lead to serious data and money losses.

    A decentralized platform such as Ezystayz relies on thousands of endpoints distributed across different locations. There is no single point of failure and no centralized server to store users’ data which makes it close to impossible to break into such a system and serves as a guarantee of your data security.

    The necessity of trust.

    There’s no way for a traveler to set up a deal with a property owner without a centralized intermediary to govern the payment process. And the participants of the deal have to blindly trust this intermediary whose operations are usually far from transparent.

    With Ezystayz, all transactions are governed by a smart contract. The funds are released only when the deal is complete and there’s no more need to trust to any third party. Transactions are verified on a public blockchain for all the interested parties to check.


    If a centralized platform gets blocked by local authorities, its users will lose access to its services.

    A decentralized platform is immune to any influence from the outside and works stable regardless of the political situation.

    Sounds like a sweet dream, doesn’t it? It’s within your power to make this dream come true!

    Join our pre-sale now following the link below and get early access to our platform once it goes live!