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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 9 May
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    Due Diligence Performed on Projects Publishing on TrustedIn Trading

    We have been asked to outline some of the Due diligence we perform on projects who wish to publish on TrustedIn Trading. In line with our transparent concept, here is our outline of due diligence performed on projects publishing on TrustedIn Trading.

    Any project who wishes to list on the TrustedIn Trading must complete a due diligence process in which the Trusted Team and their partners look to identify specific aspects of information surrounding the project and its founders, directors and board members.

    The primary aim is to identify and ensure that we understand and know who the ultimate beneficiaries are within a project and no bad actors are associated with the project or have hidden vested interests.

    So what exactly do we look at?

    Due Diligence Documentation: We ensure that all documentation surrounding the company is matching to what has been published and that the directors within the company are the individuals which are listed.

    Additionally, we look at the capital within the company, the shareholdings, and the distribution of the shares and consequently who maintains control. If a separate entity maintains a controlling interest in the company, we demand full information on this entity and will follow the line until we understand who is behind and controlling this entity as well.

    Furthermore: We investigate name changes to the company and any previous directors whom have been involved with the company or project.