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    Posted by James McQuillan 28 Jul 2019
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    Irish National & Silk Road Aministrator Gary Davis - Sentenced to 76 Months

    The Irish man, Gary Davis, who otherwise went by the nickname 'Libertas,' having just been officially extradited to the United States, has since been sentenced to 78 months (6 years and 6 months) in prison for his participation in the illegal sale of narcotics, black market firearms and weaponry, as well as conspiring to commit illegal computer hacking during his time working with the Dark Web marketplace - Silk Road.

    The sentence was announced by the US attorney for the Southern District of New York - Geoffrey S. Berman. The Irish National had previously worked for the now-defunct black marketplace as a site administrator between June to October 2013. During the time that it was in operation from 2011 until its seizure in 2013, Silk Road was used by tens of thousands of users ranging from drug dealers and traffickers.

    Over this same stretch of time, the marketplace was also responsible for the sale and distribution of more than 200 million dollars worth of illegal goods to hundreds of thousands of buyers. Often making these payments through the use of digital assets, specifically Bitcoin.

    Having previously been before a District judge, David had previously pled guilty to Judge Jesse M. Furman, who was responsible for the sentence that was imposed this week.

    It was during the time that this sentence was announced that Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said the following:

    “Gary Davis helped run the Silk Road website – a dark web marketplace for illegal drugs, hacking services, and other criminal activity. Davis’s arrest, extradition from Ireland, conviction, and prison sentence should send an unmistakable message: the dark web does not cast shadows long enough to protect criminals from the long arm of the law.”

    During the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road under the nickname 'Dread Pirate Roberts.' Evidence was brought forward which showed the kind of involvement that individuals and site administrators like Davis had in keeping the marketplace in operation.

    These included a close-knit team of forum moderators and site administrators. Both were roles that Davis held from May 2013 until October of the same year.

    As an administrator, Davis was charged with checking up on the progress of thousands of orders from across the world. Often having direct communication with 'customers' regarding the status of their orders and co-ordinating delivery logistics. This also included resolving issues and settling disputes between buyers and vendors, while also enforcing the rules set out by Ulbricht.

    Along with being issued a 6 year, 6-month sentence, the Wicklow, Ireland native was further ordered to three years of supervised release and pay a fine of $25,000.

    Along with working as the site administrator for the first iteration of Silk Road until its closure in October 2013. Davis was also served as one of the administrators of Silk Road 2.0 when it was launched, working there from November until December 2013.