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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 23 Jul 2019
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    Make Your Startup Smarter - Essential Tools to Take Your Startup Further!

    In a previous article, we discussed the fact that companies, in the days before the Internet, had scant few 'tools' that they could use in order to provide greater exposure to their business.

    Now? There are so many tools, solutions and products out there on the Internet that you have an opposite problem emerging. As an entrepreneur, you're bombarded with so many must-have tools that you end up either picking the worst of them, or none at all.

    So what kind of tools will help take your company to the next level? That's what we're going to be showcasing right here!

    A Good Business is on Google Foundations - Google Docs

    While anyone using a PC or laptop has likely used the Microsoft Office suite, a viable and digitalized alternative would be Google Docs. Not only does this offer the same range of tools but, being in a wholly online format, means that you can easily collaborate with other people working with you.

    It's especially valuable for entrepreneurs that need to collaborate with an online team.

    Networking With Investors - AngelList

    There are tools that can really help to know about, and there are tools that you MUST know about, and that's AngelList in a nutshell, really.

    Why is it a must know about tool? Because it allows you to get connected with an expanding pool of like-minded professionals that you could likely collaborate with in the future, but also get connected with potential investors.

    Using AngelList, there's no third party needed in order to connect with investors and other professionals. And any kind of tool that allows you to put your brand directly in front of investors is valuable in its own right.

    Smart Social Networking With - HootSuite

    For any business or product, the driving forces behind it are the users within its communities, online or otherwise. Whether it's one or several social media platforms that you're using as part of your business strategy, it's important that you have a structured way of publishing this content in an effective, punctual way to engage with your audience.

    This is where HootSuite comes into the frame. This publishing app allows you to connect your social media accounts to your profile while allowing you to create and schedule content in line with publishing practices of each corresponding social media account.

    Balancing the [Virtual] Books - Wave

    Being an entrepreneur is more than just being the visionary behind a product, during the early stages, you're effectively either a one-man show or working with a very small team with a lot on your plate. And if the finances of your company are among them, spinning so many plates will inevitably end up with some of them being smashed.

    You can prevent your finances from being one of them by using something like Wave. Wave is free to use accounting tool for startups and businesses and can really help when it finally comes time to take care of your tax returns as well.

    Task Management - Time for Trello or Asana

    One of the further challenges that come with being a startup is the kind of delegation of tasks between members of your team. Any digital solution that allows you to easily delegate various tasks to specific members of your team is a welcome innovation.

    This is why tools like Trello and Asana have managed to gain a reputation over the years. Asana, for example, allows you to set time-lines for various tasks and get log reports on their progress over time.

    Trello is also a fantastic system for task management too.

    And of course, you have your very own trusted platform right here for startups.