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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 7 Jul 2019
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    Social Media Marketing for Startups

    For anyone looking to take their startup company to the next level, the power of social media, especially where it relates to marketing, cannot be understated in the slightest. Just looking at some of the statistics from this year, for example:

    Facebook hosts more than 2.3 billion active users

    Instagram includes more than 800 million account holders

    LinkedIn houses over 500 million

    Twitter has 330 million active users too.

    With these kinds of numbers, even if you're marketing with just a 10, or even a 1 percent penetration rate from your advertisements, that's still anywhere from 3.3 to 230 million potential customers and even longer-term clients for your business.

    Even if it's not about cultivating a short-term clientele, there is an immense value to marketing your startup company in order to drive retention. More than 77 percent of customers would recommend any kind of company or service to a friend after initially positive experience via social media.

    How to Market Your Startup on Social Media

    Firstly - Identify your best channels

    If your first question isn't 'why I should use social media', then it should be 'which social media channels will best suit and support my startup's longer-term growth?' The easiest answer is sometimes the most simple - if you built your business based around just who your customers are and where they live, you have to do the same thing when it comes to their social media behaviour.

    Once you have a strong idea about where exactly your target media audience lives, you'll ideally want to shortlist 4 to 5 of the best social media platforms that you can start to create pages for. From there, you can start to build up an editorial campaign based around both your business' 'language' and what kind of marketing strategy works best with your chosen social media networks.

    These can range from the popularly used public social media networks; your Facebook's, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But what you can also do is look at more niche networks that can help your brand flourish online. These consist of,, Dribbble, or Ravelry as some examples.

    Create a Content / Editorial Calendar

    Whether it's you as the startup CEO/Jack of all trades, or your content producer/manager, never underestimate the power of an editorial calendar for driving your brand further forward. With your social media outlets aptly chosen, now you'll need to hash out a content and/or editorial calendar that transcends the mediums that you're using to market your company.

    For example - a content calendar may include 3-4 pieces of content on the main website, along with periodic posts of the same articles and advertisements to instigate broader discussion within the community. By getting more in tune with the audiences that you're writing for over these pages, you can then delegate content over to channels where they will prove the most effective.

    Be a Trend-Setter, and Follower

    You're never going to be able to be a 100 percent trend-setter, no matter how hard you try. For the world of social media, there are many instances where you will be following international, and regional trends; and that is not a bad thing at all.

    If anything, it's a highly effective kind of strategy. Depending on upcoming events, holidays and even news stories going on during the week - you can use these trends to help promote your brand - and benefit from a large number of people searching using those key trends and key-phrases.

    Some platforms, like Twitter, for example, be sure that you link your marketing campaign as close to the event as you can, while also ensuring that you use the right kinds of hashtags to catch traffic!

    Be sure to check out TrustIn Trading for more information about how to sell your startup company on the wild world of social media. We offer syndication and publication tools for free, as well as a whole host of other goodies. Good Luck!