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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 17 Apr 2019
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    Some of the Top Asset Management Companies in the World

    In the world of finance, asset management companies are companies which look after the interests of the clients in terms of accruing gains from numerous investment strategies. The clients generally will come from the echelons of the HNWI and UHNWI ranks which stands for High Net Worth Individuals and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals respectively.

    Asset Management Companies

    Asset management companies are organizations that work towards protecting the interests of different investors through either creating diversified portfolio strategies or providing advisory services. Generally, these fund asset management services are being charged to investors in the form of fund fees which will usually maintain a success orientated fee based upon the performance of an asset or portfolio. .

    The top fund administration companies in the world are gauged according to overall assets under management. Here are some of the top companies out there.

    Bridgewater Associates LP

    As indicated in the website of the company, the firm is home to about 1400 employees, while managing over $150 billion worth of global investments, all spread across central banks, institutional clients, corporate funds, governments, as well as pension funds. It is no doubt, one of the top fund administration companies operating internationally.

    J.P Morgan Asset Management

    This fund administration company is a division of the larger JPMorgan Chase & Co. Overall, the company has been recorded with more than $2.4 trillion overall assets under the management. The numbers also increase year after year, after more and more clients are being added to the company’s list.

    In recent times , CEO, Jamie Dimon has come under fire from the overall crypto community for his hypocritical stance on cryptocurrencies. During the extending bull crypto bull market, he maintained taht the indutry was full of scammers and cryptocurrencies were useless and maintained no intrinsic vale until JP Morgam announced the release of their own digital asset named the JPM coin.

    Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC

    This company was founded back in 1994, with headquarters based in New York. As of December of 2014, the company has $47.1 billion AUM. It also has investments that are focused on credit funds, multi-strategy funds, real estate funds, collateralized loan obligations, equity funds, as well as other alternative investment options.

    Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP

    The company was established back in 2002, operating as a privately held firm that is based in London. It also has offices globally. The fund business centers offer service for multiple assets, including commodities and currencies. Brevan Howard is known for its well-defined strategies which are focused on shorter-term profit opportunities in just six months, according to currently emerging trends in the economy.

    The above mentioned top asset management companies in the world are just some of the best out there. The gauge, as mentioned, is based on the overall asset of the company, and their ranking in front of their clients. These companies work towards balancing the capability of investors to retain their business while solidifying the economy as a whole.