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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 25 Feb 2019

    Technical Analysis – The Things to Consider

    There are quite a few things that have to be taken into account when it comes to analyzing securities and making investment decisions. The methods used to synthesize information are versatile and plentiful and need to be used accordingly. The difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis needs to be understood thoroughly in order to make the most accurate choices.

    What is Technical Analysis

    To put it in simpler terms, technical analysis is a trading tool which is thoroughly employed in order to evaluate securities. The intention is to attempt to forecast the movement in immediate or long-term future through analyzing the information as well as the statistics which are gathered from the trading activity, including the movement of the volume and the price.

    Technical Analysis of Stock Trends

    This particular method of synthesizing information and making predictions employs the usage of tools like candlestick charts and bars as well as different trading volumes in order to determine the overall future behavior of a different stock. A lot of this is actually going to involve the discovery of the overall trend as well as the potential line of the movement of the stock.

    Forex Technical Analysis

    When it comes to FOREX Technical analysis, this relates to the overall examination of the changes which take place in the FOREX market which are used by the trader to go ahead and determine whether he needs to buy or he needs to sell a currency pair at any given moment. The analysis could be technical in its nature, and it involves the use of charting tools, economic indicators as well as fundamentals and news-based events.

    Technical Analysis VS Fundamental Analysis

    Now, there are quite a lot of differences between technical analysis and fundamental analysis. At the most basic level, the former is going to approach the securities from an actual chart while the latter does this from the financial statements. The fundamental analyst is generally going to take a look at the balance sheet as well as at the cash flow statement and also at the income statement in order to go ahead and determine the value of the company. To put this in financial terms, the professional is going to attempt to measure the overall intrinsic value of the enterprise.

    As you can see, the differences between both methods are significant. They are used for different purposes – where the technical analysis attempts to make a forecast, the fundamental analysis is used to evaluate the actual value of the company throughout its financial documents. This is something that needs to be taken into account and to be properly considered.