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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 10 Jul 2019
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    The Best Community Building Tools for Startups

    Behind any startup company or business is an effectively constructed community that allows for its message to be circulated and its content to be created and widely distributed over a wide range of mediums.

    As a result, for any kind of business, no matter how far they are along in their life-cycle, without an effective set of tools being used to help you build your community, fighting to develop one will prove to be an uphill struggle.

    So, what exactly are you going to need when it comes to building up your own community? First of all, you'll need the kind of community building tools that can plug you into as much as possible when it comes to your business, while providing effective solutions for communicating with your team, consumer-base, and planning everything out that you'll need.

    Rather than desperately searching around for these and cobbling together something piecemeal, here are just some of the best kinds of community building tools that you can use.

    Content Management Solutions - Wordpress

    While it really isn't the only kind of Content Management System (CMS) out there, it is by far one of the most commonly used, and popular thanks to the kind of versatility and ease of use it has in the hands of its users.

    While it started off being a simple blog interface, its back-end capabilities have improved significantly over the years, and now provides developers with a high degree of customization both for their desired website look, but also in the various plug-ins they want to include.

    What makes it all the better as a community building tool is that it allows for immediate sharing across social media platforms that you have connected to the website.

    Personal and Professional Collaboration - Trello

    For anyone familiar with the Scrum solution, a method commonly used for delegating specific tasks to individuals, Trello will be a very interesting application to try out for organizing both your professional team, while getting your community engaged with your project.

    Specifically, Trello allows you to create various segments for tasks and objectives that relate to your business' progress. So you can create columns for productions, advertising campaigns or programming jobs, allowing you and your colleagues to delegate tasks while also providing an open tablet to showcase what's going on with your business to your community.

    Social Media - Buffer or Hootsuite

    Depending on whether you've decided to take on a more specific social media campaign on one platform, or your company brand is found on a wide array of them, having a single launch-pad for all of your social pages is a far sight better than having to organize and schedule them all individually.

    This is why social media distribution tools are a powerful asset for community building, especially ones like Buffer or Hootsuite are so effective. These solutions allow you to link however many social media accounts you have to it, along with customizing each post according to the guidelines of that specific social media platform.

    Not only does this allow you to easily create multiple, unique posts for each of your profiles with relative ease, but it also allows you to schedule multiple posts throughout the day, automating the entire process of communicating with followers regardless of platform.

    Social Collaboration and Rewards - OmniSparx

    In addition to offering social media posting, OmniSparx offers the benefits of social contact management and rewards.

    With OmniSparx, you can track the interactions you’ve had with people across multiple social media channels. In addition, when someone makes a contribution to your project, you will be able to reward them with SPX points which they can cash in for items including hats, t-shirts and experiences that you provide.

    By having people register to receive rewards, you will have the added advantage of having your community members authenticate themselves across multiple social channels. You will be able to know who is real and who isn’t.

    Omnisparx is poised to capture a significant portion of the market share in this segment.

    These are just some of the community building solutions that you can use in order to cultivate a highly engaged and loyal following.