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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 7 Jul 2019
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    The Best Startup Incubators in the UK

    If you're an up and coming startup company looking to gain some traction, along with a little financial runway to get your business started and ready to be placed in front of potential angel investors, crowdfunding investors or bank loan assessors. One of the best ways to help you kick up that initial momentum is through a startup incubator.

    There are some instances where, in Google searches, and in the opinions of some in the business world, that Incubators are referred to interchangeably with Accelerators. The truth is that these are two entirely different solutions for startup companies. If you don't know how exactly they differ from one another, check out our article where we discuss it.

    For right now, however, we're going to be looking at some of the best startup incubators operating in the UK.

    First off - Incubators in London

    It would be foolish of us to talk about the best startups in the UK without mentioning the Fintech hub of Britain in general - London.

    Innovation Warehouse

    The Innovation Warehouse can easily be described as an incubator developed by startups for startups. The incubator itself allows for entrepreneurs to gain access to workspace for their project, while also allowing them to potentially participate in its associated accelerator initiative called the 'WISE' programme.

    Launch 22

    Situated at one of the growing areas of London for startups and Fintech - Old Street Station - Launch 22 has a focus on being more than just a shared workspace. Offering additional guidance and support from a team of experienced mentors, along with offering scholarship programmes for those from underprivileged backgrounds.

    Oxygen Accelerator

    While the two previously mentioned companies emphasise a more open approach to the kinds of startups they support. Oxygen Accelerator, in spite of the name, also operates as an incubator for startups involved in the world of web-based companies or software developers.

    Along with this tech focus, Oxygen offers startups a 13 week incubation phase as part of its broader accelerator programme. Providing a good combination of getting startups off the ground before helping them pick up speed for further investment.

    The Rest of the UK

    Entrepreneurs for the Future - Birmingham

    Thanks to the support and funding of the European Regional Development Fund, E4F serves as an incubator for startups and entrepreneurs in the midlands with a special emphasis on digital technology.

    Along with offering shared workspaces, E4F provides a great deal of 1-on-1 support, along with more than 140 annual events from showcasing, roundtable to seminar events to help startups get started.

    Ignite 100 - Newcastle & N.Ireland

    According to the company, Ignite 100 serves as a way for startups and entrepreneurs in the North East to build themselves up ready for their first injections of seed capital:

    "Ignite supports founders from idea stage through to raising a Series A, helping you refine your concept, get traction, and build a scalable business."

    Ignite offers a range of programmes as both an incubator and accelerator for startups in the North East and Northern Ireland. With partnerships with AWS, Google, Digital Ocean and Stripe, Ignite offers applicants the opportunity to £10-£25,000 in investment for their startup companies.