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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 16 Apr 2019
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    The Top Commodity index’s in the World

    A commodity index is a basket full of the worlds traded commodities such as precious metals, beef, grain, and even electricity. With the futures market the way it is today, these commonly traded commodities could also be traded as a package deal with currency, financial products, and even interest rate futures. There are several top commodity indexes in the world from the Chicago Board of Trade to the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

    London Metal Exchange

    The London Metal Exchange ranks as one of the top commodity indexes in the world. They provide exposure via futures contracts and offer precious metals such as aluminum, copper, and zinc. They are housed in the UK and have a robust and historical background in commodities and futures exchanges.

    Chicago Mercantile Exchange

    The Chicago Mercantile Exchange or CME is one of the largest and most robust financial and commodities exchanges, making it the best of the top commodity indexes in the world. They contract anywhere are an agricultural commodity, interest rate futures exchange to credit and economic exchanges. They also direct and own several other commodity indexes.

    New York Mercantile Exchange

    The New York Mercantile Exchange or NYMEX has the largest and most versatile physical commodity exchange with the largest variety of products. Commodity Exchange Inc. is a sub-division of NYMEX and boasts one of the largest and most likely the top commodity indexes in the world for numerous metal contracts throughout the globe.

    Multi Commodity Exchange

    The Multi Commodity Exchange is located in Mumbai, India and is also known as MCX. MCX is a privately held commodity exchange and is held tenth in the top commodity indexes in the world. MCX offers commodities that can’t be found in the United States such as yellow peas and pepper along with standard commodities like silver and gold.

    Chicago Board of Trade

    The Chicago Board of Trade or CBOT is the oldest options trading and commodity exchange and one of the top commodity indexes in the world. CBOT offers many different options contracts and over fifty different future exchanges across several different asset classes.

    Intercontinental Exchange Inc

    This United States based company offers contracts over the internet markets and deals and operates in numerous futures exchange. ICE was once a major contender in the energy sector but have widened their horizons of commodities to include cocoa, natural gas, iron ore, and crude products to name a few. ICE is one of the top commodity indexes in the world and continues to grow.

    These are several of the top commodity indexes in the world and also most deal in futures exchange as well. Most of these indexes are traded on exchanges and make it easier for investors to invest without the worry of entering the futures market.