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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 26 Jul 2019
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    Top Accelerators in India

    India is easily recognizable as one of the emerging nations that investors are coming to really take seriously as an industrial and technological powerhouse. With cities like Bangalore coming to represent one of the first among the countries own 'Silicon Valley.' Let's look at some of the top accelerators in India.

    We don't necessarily need to be on the ground floor to see just how this innovation is changing the face of entrepreneurship in India either. Over the last few years, its government has taken on a more open approach towards new startups along with a growing number of businesses and investment firms and especially Accelerators.

    The latter, along with incubators, has exploded thanks to the reciprocal growth in the number of businesses getting started in the subcontinent. We're going to be taking a look at just some of the top accelerators operating in India.

    Much like any discussion, you can't spell it without 'U' or 'I' (forgive the pun). As a result, we encourage you to let us know which accelerators out there really deserve attention.

    India Accelerator - S2019

    Having begun its newest intake for the 2019 cohort early this year, the India Accelerator is a highly sought after program to get involved with, and it's perfectly understandable why. India Accelerator only has an annual intake of 5-10 companies and offers each of them an in-depth amount of support over the 4 months that the accelerator runs over.

    Providing startup companies with funding ranging from 15 Lakh ($1.9 million) to 25 Lakh ($2.5 million) depending on the company.

    500 Startups

    Being part of a truly internationalized accelerator initiative, 500 Startups in Bangalore offers startup companies specializing in the field of Digital, Retail, Education and Financial Services thorough support over its 4-month-long program.

    Along with providing entrepreneurs with access to networking and mentorship from tutors from all across the world, and providing initial seed capital of $150,000 to get their project started.


    Having been established back in 2011, TLabs has a particular interest in startup companies looking to innovate and disrupt mobile, telecoms and the internet industries. Over its 4-month long accelerator: TLabs provides participants with $50,000 in initial seed capital and a highly structured educational framework:

    • Developing a business hypothesis (Weeks 1 & 2)
    • Deep Validation (Weeks 3 to 8)
    • Plotting, enacting strategic direction, Gaining Traction (Weeks 9 to 13)
    • Business and Financial Planning (Weeks 14 to 16)

    GSF Accelerator

    Based in Gurugram, the GSF Accelerator provides close support for startup companies involved in the same fields as TLabs (Mobile and Internet). GSF's annual programme runs for 13 weeks and offers an unparalleled amount of access to professionals, mentors and investors from all across the world.

    Google Launchpad

    Of all of the accelerator programmes listed here, the Google Launchpad offers the longest in India to date. Specifically targeting companies involved in the world of mobile apps, the intake takes place annually and runs for over 6 months.

    Meaning that participants will spend a considerable amount of time taking advantage of Google's highly specialized network of professionals in the tech world.