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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 19 Jul 2019
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    Top Startup Incubators in Asia

    Asia has proven itself as a region ready to embrace the world of business. Some of the big financial centres boast names like Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.

    The cities mentioned above are not the only places to hold top startup incubators in Asia.

    Along with these rising cities, they have gained a reputation as ready and eager to support entrepreneurs driving their businesses forward with cutting edge innovations.

    It's for this reason that the world of incubators and accelerators in Asia are a highly exciting one. For this article, we'll be digging into some of the top incubators to use across Asia.

    Keeping in mind from previous articles that quantifying 'top' incubators can often be subjective, so if there are any that come to your mind as deserving attention - leave them in the comments!

    JAFCO Japan

    Having been established in Japan, JAFCO consists of a number of offices situated across Asia and North America. Along with operating as a globally connected Incubator, JAFCO also functions as a Venture Capital firm with its associated business - DNA.

    One of the reasons why JAFCO ranks high is because of the total number of IPOs that it has directly supported, over 1,000 based across Asia, Japan and the USA.

    5Desire - Vietnam

    5Desire initially began as a consulting firm for startup companies from a wide range of industries. Having expanded from this to become an incubator, 5Desire provides direct support, mentorship and consultancy for startup companies all across the Asian continent.

    In addition to this support, the 5Desire team provides even more direct support through fundraising for loans ranging from $1 to $100 million. Demonstrating their versatility in helping companies regardless of where they are in their lifespan.

    Arise - New Delhi, India

    India is fast gaining a reputation as hosting Asia's take on Silicon Valley, with incubators such as Arise offering startups looking to disrupt and innovate in the field of agriculture an opportunity to grow.

    One of the elements that make Arise unique is its hands-on approach; offering a range of seminars, classes and workshops to help startups identify their brand, solidify their business model and put themselves in front of venture capital firms with a robust plan.

    Being developed in collaboration with the ICAR Institutes & State Agricultural Universities of North India means that startups can obtain direct contact with VC firms, academics and government funding.

    EME Incubator - Cambodia

    Providing associated startups with an initial capital investment of anywhere from $50-100k, EME Incubator doesn't have a fixed time in which it works with its selected startups.

    Having an annual intake of only around 5-7 startups per year also means that EME can more specifically delegate specialist mentors and workshops to really maximize the kind of support these companies get.

    Freemont Partners - Mumbai, India

    Freemont Partners is what the Indian Government proudly holds up as its very first 'Global' incubator for startup companies, with the former professing to offer a thoroughly hands-on approach towards the startups it works with.

    "Freemont Partners is a builder of businesses, not just a financial investor. We use our strong global operational expertise to identify, incubate and scale businesses through a hybrid approach of organic growth and M&A."

    More specifically, Freemont Partners has a particular speciality in supporting startups within the world of e-commerce, SaaS, media, healthcare and online promotional services.

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    If you part of an incubator team or a startup which is being incubated, please do take the time to register here on the Trusted Startups section for access to lots of tools. The platform is free to use and will help you gain exposure to VC’s and Funds across the globe which could potentially fund your project and bring you to the next level.