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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 19 Jul 2019
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    Top Startup Accelerators in Asia

    With the dawning of blockchain technology kicking off a race to become known as the leading continent for innovation and entrepreneurship. With the uncertain financial climate that the United States and Europe have faced in the past, it makes for ample ground for the Asian continent to set itself apart with some of the top startup accelerators in Asia.

    Already, we see this with the highly competitive financial hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, including the accelerators that are steadily emerging over the last few years. In this article, we'll be looking at some of the top accelerator programmes in operation throughout Asia.

    Just like the other articles on accelerators and incubators, the concept of a 'top' programme can often be subjective. As a result, we encourage conversation on which initiatives deserve additional recognition.


    This accelerator programme operates out of offices based in Singapore, Thailand and Japan. ImpacTech offers bespoke support, mentorship as part of a hands-on accelerator programme dedicated to startup companies specializing in the world of tech.

    Depending on the annual intake of companies, these programmes generally range from 3-4 months. This also depends on the kind of programme, of which ImpacTech offers two variations - Corporate and Private.

    EPS MaritimeTech Accelerator by TechStars

    Much as the name suggests, EPS MaritimeTech Accelerator provides specialised support for startups and entrepreneurs delving into fields directly linked to shipping and supply-chain such as regulation, fuel supply and efficiency, vessel operations, maritime navigation, etc.

    Based in Singapore, EPS MaritimeTech is directly supported by the internationally known TechStars programme - bringing with it a strong reputation, robust framework for supporting and mentoring startup companies, as well as providing exceptional networking opportunities for taking your project to the next level.

    Finlab - Malaysia

    Being based in Malaysia, Finlab has gained a solid reputation within the fintech space for supporting upcoming and innovative startups. One of the more recent cohorts of startups includes HelloGold, a blockchain company which allows users to invest directly into the gold market.

    While being specifically supportive of projects within the Fintech space, its various cohorts have more specific focuses on key issues within the industry. The FinLab team aims to provide Small and Medium Enterprises with the tools necessary to optimize and increase revenues, enhance productivity, and become a truly globalised Fintech company.

    The Yield Lab - Singapore

    Having only launched last year, The Yield Lab is one of a scarce number of Accelerator projects to provide support to companies seeking to innovate through the creation of disruptive Agricultural Technology (AgriTech).

    Along with cornering a particularly interesting market, The Yield Lab in Singapore is part of a broader international initiative with twinned programmes in Singapore, North America, Latin America and in Europe.

    Unlike other accelerators, which tend to operate over several months, The Yield Labs offers a hybridized system over 12 months; which is partly formal training and part mentorship, along with providing investment capital of $100,000.


    Much as the name suggests, Zeroth.AI is at the cutting edge when it comes to accelerator programmes, being involved in supporting the revolutionary 'frontier' technologies like IoT, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

    Companies that are in their seed and pre-seed stages specialising in one or more of these technologies will be able to secure investment capital, and a place in Zeroth's 3-month accelerator programme.