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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 20 Jul 2019
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    Top Startup Incubators in India

    India is fast building itself up as a serious economic contender on the world's stage, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship and technology as a whole. As steadily growing player in these sectors, India has also gradually cultivated its own version of Silicon Valley, with an annually increasing number of accelerators and incubators to boot. Lets look at the top startup incubators in India.

    In this article, we'll be digging into just some of the big names that constitute the top startup incubators in India so far. Communities make everything better! So we wholeheartedly encourage users to let us know of any incubators in India that you believe deserve the attention.

    Centre of Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship

    The CIIE provides a considerable amount of support in the way of direct mentorship, networking, a dedicated workspace as well as funding. The project itself actually consists of an extensive range of incubator projects that collaborate together depending on the kind of startup companies seeking support for their company.

    The incubator provides these services and guidance for companies ranging in net-worth from 5 Lakh, roughly $500,000 and 5 Crore, nearly $45 million. As a result, CIIE has a pool of experts and workspaces to support companies regardless of their scale.


    "We incubate early stage companies that demonstrate the potential to innovate, implement and create with a social/financial impact."

    While the amount of initial investment capital provided for companies participating in the NSRCEL depends on the startup, the incubator offers a comprehensive and structured system for providing the educational materials necessary to excel.

    Checking out the website, the NSRCEL incubator provides thorough go-to-market support, as well as legal, regulatory and financial support.

    10,000 Startups

    The company is very overt in the kind of objective that it has in mind: it wants to help, educate and support more than 10,000 startups through their development cycle.

    The company itself is partnered with major multinational companies like Google for Entrepreneurs, which means that it can offer its startup incubees with a very thorough educational framework in order to support their development.

    Having been hosted by NASSCOM, 10,000 Startups has become famous for its 'FAME' structure of incubating for startup companies: Funding, Acceleration, Mentoring, and Enterprise.


    The incubator project is the brain-child of the Telegana Government, and since it was first established, has been responsible for the incubation of more than 246 startups so far.

    It's thanks to T-Hub that Hyderabad has become better known as one of the cities which makes up part of India's Silicon Valley. T-Hub has made a name for itself in the minds of entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and mentors all together and onto a single platform.

    Startup India

    Unlike other incubator and startup initiatives, Startup India is one that was established by the Indian government, and along with offering a unifying network where startups, entrepreneurs and VCs can connect and collaborate.

    But Startup India provides a 4-week long, online framework of educational materials to support companies in person with dedicated mentorship, and online. In addition, Startup India provides facilitated patent filing, easy compliance norms, incubator support and innovation-focused programmes for students, funding support, tax benefits and addressing of regulatory issues.

    If you part of a startup in India or an Incubator, please do take the time to register here on the Trusted Startups section for access to lots of tools. The platform is free to use and will help you gain exposure to VC’s and Funds across the globe which could potentially fund your project and bring you to the next level.