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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 24 Jul 2019
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    VLC Media Player has a Critical Flaw and Puts Your Computer at Risk

    VLC Media Player has a critical flaw and it would seem that the software puts your computer at significant risk. This revelation has come to light after a German tech security firm name CERT – Bund outlined the flaw and ranked it as critical with a baseline score of 9.8.

    The VLC media player is a highly popular free media player which is used by people across the globe to watch movies and play other forms of media. Its popularity means this flaw raises significant concern due to the nature of the attack, which could occur due to it and the risk it represents to users of the software.

    The flaw allows for remote code execution. The flaw, in essence, means that anyone who takes advantage of the critical flaw could install any software without the user’s permission. Not only is that, but personal files on the computer at risk too. A complete hijacking of the computer is at risk.

    Thankfully, Videolan is on top of things, and the patch is in the making to secure the software and reduce the risk to VLC users, but in the meantime, you can both delete the program and remain safe or run the risk until the software provider issues the patch to deal with the issue.

    About VLC Media Player

    VLC Media Player was first released in 2011 and written in C, C++and Objective C. VLC is available for a number of desktop operating systems and mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone.