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    Posted by Act Now Limited 21 Nov 2019
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    What is Act Now ?

    Act Now is a bold and essential step that we need to make to end the war on plastic pollution and we cannot create change and manage plastic in the future without the right information to confirm what we currently fear. Governments, organisations and companies need this essential data in order to rationalise the damage that we have created, so we can enforce new legislation, before we do further irrevocable harm to our planet

    Due to launch in January 2020 Act Now is a free Social Media App that anyone can download and join, in order to take part in a worldwide survey to measure how much plastic waste is produced, to identify the worst effected areas, as well as to expose the brands and create change for the pollution that is killing us, the environment and the wildlife around us.

    Using the power of Social Media, users can download the App on any smartphone, take a photo of plastic, that they find on beaches, oceans, rivers, towns and countryside and upload it to the Act Now timeline. Here other members can support and vote for a post, comment and share their discovery across any other social media site, that will identify the brand. With each posts location logged and added to the Act Now database and stored to create extensive data and information for the future. Members can then also create personal and environmental groups on the App and invite friends, who likewise can share with others online as well as other social groups on their phone.

    The resulting data collected from a single post can offer extensive information about the brand, product, manufacturer, plastic composition as well as its physical location, where it was made and type of area it was found. This information can then be used in the future by organisations and governments to bring change to manufacturing process and the way we manage and recycle plastic in the future.

    Act Now so far has received extensive support and is already a leading member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, The climate Coalition, Break Free from Plastic, and Environmental Justice Foundation, and also has partner and collaboration partnerships with many other organisations worldwide, including the African Conservation Foundation, Natural Resources Defence Council, Team for Nature, Alliance to end plastic Waste, A Plastic Planet, Plastic Bank, The Nature Conservancy Council and many more.

    With previous offers of support through senior board members of organisations distributed worldwide from the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and America, with memberships totalling 80 million.

    Sponsorships and grants are one of the industries main marketing components for companies to maintain a green profile, this is especially important for companies that have a poor environmental record, The Alliance to End Plastic Waste has a budget of 1.5 billion over the next 5 years with $1 billion put aside with the Coca Cola Foundation alone.

    Act Now is a start-up that has already created a great deal of interest with environmental groups worldwide and is looking for funding that will help exceed its current growth to increase its senior work force, to extend its network of sponsors and grants as well as to increase partnerships with other environmental organisations worldwide.