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    Posted by James McQuillan 30 Jul 2019
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    Man may be created equal in the minds of a good number of people, but if you ask any seasoned cryptocurrency investor, they'll definitely tell you that the same doesn't hold up for cryptocurrency exchanges.

    While newcomers in the world of investment will be looking for the least intimidating, simplistic UI and uncomplicated solution.

    Veteran investors are looking for more in-depth metrics, and an exchange that will allow them to operate in a way that best suits either their overarching objective, or the way in which they 'trade.'

    So what makes for the best kind of cryptocurrency coin exchange for these kinds of people? It's a pretty open-ended question, but we'll be providing a line-up of some good platforms to cut your teeth and mature your investments on.

    Highly Secure and Versatile - IDEX

    As far as cryptocurrency exchanges go, IDEX is considered by some traders to be a gold standard. The marketplace itself offers a wide variety of fiat to crypto pairings, while providing investors with rapid updates on the coin performances on a minute by minute basis.

    The platform also provides a good amount of liquidity; fluctuating from its current volume of 114 BTC ($1.1 million) to 360 BTC at the high end, which is pretty impressive coming from a decentralised exchange.

    Special emphasis ought to be given to the fact that it's 'Decentralised,' while also providing users access through MetaMask or Ledger Nano-S. Offering a considerable amount of security for users looking for that.

    Released and Never to be Tethered - Kraken

    One of the things that sets Kraken apart from other coin exchanges out there is the fact that it offers one of the thinnest margins for trading. This means that traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies as close as possible to their market price.

    The exchange offers an interesting take on account validation too - meaning users that want to avoid KYC and AML requirements can trade at a lower-tier level and still have access to a wide variety of digital tokens while having the flexibility of moving between other exchanges.

    CryptoBridge DEX

    Operating on top of an interestingly 'Federated' centralised system. CryptoBridge DEX has a pretty 'full on' user interface; allowing users to see rapidly updated buy and sell positions. This allows traders to jump straight into the action of margin trading.

    We pointed out the 'federated' system, and this is just one of the things that makes CryptoBridge unique as a platform:

    • It hosts its own BCO token referred to as BridgeCoin
    • Much like Binance's digital token, holders can stake these BCO tokens and earn 50% revenue share with other HODLers.
    • Where it earns the title of 'Federated' is because of its multiple servers. Meaning that there is no single point of failure.

    It's on-boarding process is also pretty painless. All users need to do is give a username and a unique cryptographic key will be randomly generated for you. From there you can get started on trading pretty quickly.

    Are there any cryptocurrency exchanges you use that you think deserve some attention? Let us know in the comments!