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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 23 Jul 2019
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    Words of Wisdom to Founders From Founders

    Being an entrepreneur or founder of your own business can be an exciting, stressful and sometimes confusing to an almost frustrating degree. When we look at massive, multinational companies and the 'champions' at their helm, we take for granted the fact that they came with more than their fair share hardship, struggle and pressure.

    Knowing the kind of struggles that these innovators and founders have had to endure in the past, they make for compelling stories to learn from while allowing you to take solace in understanding that some challenges are more common than you think.

    But, more importantly, what are some of the insightful words that these entrepreneurs and innovators would give to people starting up their own company? We gather up some of the nuggets of wisdom right here.

    Failure is a Step Forward, Not a Stumbling Block

    Arianna Huffington has become a household name on the internet and news reporting world. The Greek-American Author managed to found The Huffington Post and make it a highly influential name before accepting its sale to AOL back in 2011.

    Struggle and failure have been things that Huffington has been no stranger to. When she sought to get her first book published, just as many publishers rejected her more than 36 times.

    The reason she persevered is because of some advice that her mother gave her. Which is that failure is not something that stops you from moving forward. Instead, failure should be seen as a stepping-stone towards greater success.

    The Unknown is Your Best Friend

    In Plato's Apologia, the philosopher puts together what we know as being the 'Socratic Paradox,' which is the statement that 'I know that I know nothing.' For founders, there's a desire to know as much as possible before taking action or making decisions of any kind.

    The unfortunate reality for founders and innovators is that you'll never know everything. But Co-Founder and CEO of The Startup Institute, Aaron O'Hearn points out that the unknown is something you'll need to get used to:

    "You will always be forced to make a decision without fully understanding what is coming. As a founder, that is just something you have to get comfortable with."

    There's Genius and Simplicity

    What makes a truly ingenious product or business? Simplicity, argues the founder of Microsoft - Bill Gates. If we look at companies like Apple and Berkshire Hathaway. What allows them to be successful is the fact that their approach is not overly complicated.

    Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is a perfect example - he keeps his schedule relatively straight forward, while also relying on some pretty easy to follow facts and figures ahead of making investments.

    Same goes with products; the most widely used phone in the world include the iPhone for a reason. It provides a wide array of apps and tools all in one highly intuitive phone.

    “Be Resourceful. If There is a Problem, There is a Solution.”

    These are some of wise words provided to a young Jeff Bezos by his grandfather. These seem to be pearls of wisdom that the now world-renowned entrepreneur behind Amazon has clung to over the last few decades.

    Pearls or not, the logic still remains true, Bezos has undergone a large number of hardships, challenges and rejection. But this didn't stop him from working tirelessly to provide for one of the solutions to a problem we only recognize in retrospect.

    There are still classic pictures of Bezos working behind an 'Amazon' counter back when it was an online bookstore. The reason why we know him as the world's wealthiest individual is that he saw problems as a way to innovate and find new solutions.