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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 7 Jul 2019
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    World Famous Entrepreneurs

    What is the difference between an individual and the Entrepreneur? The individual does what they need to do in order to make their way in the world, usually working and helping innovative companies to push the envelope forward for the innovators. But Entrepreneurs are a wholly different story, with many of them seeking to leave the world a better place than they found it.

    Whenever we hear the word, we know that it comes with a particularly long, and vaunted history; festooned with a truly staggering number of people throughout time that have managed to literally shape and change the world in line with their visions.

    So who are some of these famous entrepreneurs exactly? Let's go through some of the more well known and not so famous entrepreneurs we either think of or have to thank for some of the innovations we commonly use today!

    Walt Disney

    If you're one of the people that hasn't had the chance to see Saving Mrs Banks, then you may not know the kind of childhood and life that Walt Disney had before founding what we now know as being an entertainment empire.

    Having started off in what was then a rural part of Illinois, Disney had spent his early life working to distribute newspapers in early mornings while also getting in trouble at school for falling asleep in class.

    He had demonstrated a flair for illustrations and cartoons, managing to develop his first successful cartoon series called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit before making a somewhat challenging breakthrough with Mickey Mouse.

    Since then, Disney has become a household name, known throughout the world - coming to obtain rights over massive franchises like Star Wars and Marvel.

    Andrew Carnegie

    In this day and age, we tend to forget the likes of Andrew Carnegie over more modern counterparts. But Carnegie was one of the outstanding examples of someone who innovated and continued to innovate, to the point where it transformed the landscape and position of America in the world.

    Having grown up as part of a stable, but financially shaky family in Dumferline before migrating to Ohio and becoming a Telegraph Messenger, all the while making it a habit of continually learning from his job and reading prolifically. Making connections along with continually self-educating and learning how to run a business.

    By the 1860s, Carnegie had become an influential investor and by 1885, he filed for special patents to kick off his own steel manufacturing empire. An empire that would go on to boom and [unfortunately] bust in regions like Illinois, Michigan and the like.

    Bill Gates

    "I'm Thinking!" Would be a common retort used by a young Bill Gates who spent his childhood sequestered in his room in Seattle, Washington.

    Preferring to spend time alone working and studying, this resulted in him gaining a remarkable proficiency in computers at a young age. Often being excused from his maths classes in order to tinker and work on a donated Teletype Model 33.

    This passion translated into the ability to develop emulators before going on to the establishment of Microsoft - the computer company that exploded in popularity first among hobbyists and now dominating the computer world.

    From being one of the more widely known entrepreneurs in the world, Bill Gates dedicates a lot of time to donating and actively supporting developing communities in regions like Africa.

    When we think of entrepreneurs, we tend to think of these larger than life individuals. But the reality is that passion, dedication and an open mind towards learning can help you see what can change in the world and re-invent it.