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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 9 Jul 2019
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    World's Best Startup Accelerators

    We have previously delved into the wild world of startup companies, and the kind of challenges that they face in securing the capital needed to take it from just being an idea to becoming a full-fledged business.

    While the number of investors out there that prove willing to buy into an idea right out of the starting gate will prove few and far between, this is where other sources of financial support come into view. We're referring to both startup Accelerators and Incubators.

    Now, we've previously written on the subject of startup incubators, so if you're interested in some of the world's more successful and popular startup incubators, be sure to check that one out. This list, however, is dedicated to startup accelerators, which differ somewhat significantly on account of the often more hands-on approach these initiatives have in getting a business ready for further rounds of investment.

    While it's hard to piece together a comprehensive list of the world's best accelerators, we'll be highlighting some of the most recognizable ones across the globe.

    TechStars - USA, UK, Canada, Asia, France

    TechStars is one of the more well-known accelerator initiatives available for startups with a particular emphasis on the application of technology.

    The reasons that Techstars has gained such a positive reputation are two-fold: firstly because of the large number of programs that it offers across the United States, Asia, the EU, UK, and even specific industries - more than 44 of them.

    In total, TechStars has been responsible for 1,763 companies, as well as more than $7.4 Billion in company funding.

    YCombinator - USA

    As far as startup accelerators go, the YCombinator hosts two cohorts of startup companies with more than $150k being used to support startup companies over the program's three month period.

    Since first being established back in 2005, YCombinator has been responsible for funding more than 2,000 startup companies, many of which are well-known companies and even business 'unicorns' with a total valuation of over $100 billion.

    The company offers an online course for building your startup, the latest of which will begin on July 22nd. Companies that complete the course and get selected by YC can also win $15,000.

    500 Startups - USA

    Since being established back in 2010, 500 Startups has supported more than 2,200 companies, and places a particular emphasis on startup companies that focus on client needs and effective online distribution. Some of its alumni include initiatives like Udemy, 9Gag, Carousel and more.

    While companies can apply for its Seed Accelerator program, its application process includes a $37,500 fee in exchange for capital investment in each applicant of more than $150,000.

    With an extensive line of companies that it's helped over the years, 500 Startups is a stand-out in the sheer number of companies, and just how successful those startups have become since being part of its accelerator program.

    While these are some of the better-known startup accelerators across the world, the only way for the 'true' best to come to the front of the line is through old-fashioned discussion. So let us know what startup accelerator you think deserves to be on the lineup.

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    If you part of an incubator team or a startup which is being incubated, please do take the time to register here on the Trusted Startups section for access to lots of tools. The platform is free to use and will help you gain exposure to VC’s and Funds across the globe which could potentially fund your project and bring you to the next level.