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    Posted by Shane McQuillan 3 Jul 2019
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    Best Startup Incubators in the World

    In a previous article, we discussed some of the potential avenues open to newcomer entrepreneurs looking to get their startup companies off the ground. Among these methods is a specific kind that has steadily grown in popularity over the last few years - Startup Incubators. What are startup incubators and which are the best startup incubators in the world?

    While these programs or initiatives provide a range of pros and cons for startup companies, there's no denying the fact that they are increasing at a rapid pace, providing companies with a greater chance of flourishing and becoming one of the lucky few 'Unicorns' out there.

    While trying to break down a list of the 'World's Greatest startup incubators' would prove to be highly contentious, each of us has our own opinions on how we quantify 'greatest.' It's important then to have a special look at those based in the EU/US that have managed to generate some serious names.

    Tiger's Leap Foundation - Estonia

    While government-run incubators don't exactly seem like the kind of incubator to end up on this kind of list, Estonia has managed to transition from behind an Iron Curtain, to virally omnipresent.

    Tiger's Leap was first introduced, along with the country's 'E-Estonia' program back in 2000. Since then, the incubator has been responsible for more than three consecutive 'Unicorn' companies - Playtech, Taxify, and TransferWise.

    SeedCamp - United Kingdom

    In spite of the darker pall that events like Brexit have placed over the United Kingdom, the exact opposite is true for startup companies and, consequently, incubators in the capital. Among them, Seedcamp is an incubator carrying a highly impactful list of successful companies that were once startups with them.

    Along with a long line of startups, such as Monese, the recent banking solution turned unicorn - Revolut, the AI financial advisor - Pleo, among an extensive list of others.

    Along with this, Seedcamp boasts an extensive range of advisors across a large number of industries - meaning that any startup that shows promise can be considered.

    Fintech Innovation Lab - United States

    The Fintech Innovation Lab has a particularly interesting reputation as being a, if not the incubator/innovation space for startup companies involved, or looking to get involved in the Fintech world.

    While the incubator is based in offices around New York, London and Asia, this means that future alumni will have access to a truly international team of experts, mentors and like-minded entrepreneurs.

    These connections, along with its hands-on approach towards companies, providing them with lectures, seminars and one-on-one mentorship allows them to scale faster and become a highly prosperous business.

    YouWeb Incubator - United States

    “Founded by Peter Relan, and dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs with product chops build great companies in gaming, on-demand services, consumer mobile products and services, IoT.”

    YouWeb Incubator has managed to cultivate a number of highly successful B2C companies, including gaming solutions such as Discord.

    Some of its more notable members/startup alumni include - Agawi, Camellia Labs, Crowdstar, Discord, Epic!, Fit-Any, Got It!, OpenFeint, Radiius.

    It should be pointed out that these are simply a couple of the startup incubators out there. And, just like any list highlighting the 'World's Greatest' - the only way to really know which one is best is through a battle of the minds. So, if there are any that you feel deserve some attention and love, let us know!

    Paul Mears said about this at Jul 23, 2019 14:14:23
    I think Seedcamp are expensive in terms of warrants compared to other UK based ones, there piece of pie has put me off investing in several early stage