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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should I connect with?

    We operate an open networking platform; this means we allow any member to connect with any other member, as long as the two members are happy to do so.

    Is there a limit to the number of times I can request a connection?

    Yes, once you have requested a connection, if refused, you may request one more time, after which you are then limited from requesting a connection again. If the other users wish to initiate a connection with you after this event, they are welcome to.

    How much time should I be spending on TrustedIn Trading?

    As a networking platform, we want you, as the user to use your time to create new connections and communicate via the multiple chat groups and product specific pages. However, please note that extended use of any internet platform is not suitable for you; we suggest creating events via the platform and getting to meet each other in real life.

    How do I become KYC’ed?

    Know your customer validation is an integral part of our platform and opens up a whole host of features to you, the users. We take the wellbeing of our users very seriously, and as such, we do our utmost to stop spammers and scammers. After all, they are less likely to try to scam you, if we know who they are.

    To go through KYC, merely click on the KYC button which is situated on the right-hand side of your profile and follow the process through until the end. Please do have a government ID ready which is machine readable. There is a minor fee for this service.

    The second way of becoming KYC’ed is to go through the procedure while on a project you are interested in. You can either whitelist or participate on the project page; this will initiate the KYC process for that project. There is no fee associated with this process as the project will pay for it if they have utilized this feature.

    What is accreditation and should I perform it?

    Accreditation facilities are there to help us understand who you are. Regulators place stringent guidelines on who can see a securities offering and accreditation is a way of showing that you have the necessary classification to see and take part in these offerings.

    What type of profile picture should I use?

    That is totally up to you, whoever, people will connect quicker with a KYC’ed profile which has a representative image of that person.

    I run a company, which profile should I set up?

    For a corporate entity, it is only allowed to use the corporate profiles, any company/ trust/ fund or institution which uses an individual account will be shut down with zero notice.

    Do companies have to go through Due Diligence to become listed?

    No, we recommend that the company list their employees and have their employees KYC’ed. Please note, specific features such as ICO or STO publication do require intensive due diligence.

    Can I use any email address to set up a company account?

    No, the company account must be set up with an email from the company’s domain, Gmail, Yahoo or other email providers are not accepted for corporate accounts. Routine checks will be completed, and any account found to be in violation will be shut down

    Which features on TrustedIn Trading require due diligence checks?

    • ICO publication
    • STO publication
    • Fund publication
    • Regulated projects
    • Startup launch
    What level of Due Diligence is performed?

    Extensive checks on the corporate entity and the c-level members of the team are completed. We look to ascertain who the ultimate beneficiaries of the project are and to ensure no member of the team have been involved with scams before. While these checks are in depth, we cannot guarantee any team or project for future violations.

    What if our project or company fails Due Diligence?

    If a project or company fails in our transparency and due diligence checks, they will not be allowed to publish their project.

    Are there fees associated with Due Diligence?

    Yes, there is a nominal fee to cover the external check from our partner network. However, we do wish to maintain this as low as possible as not to create a barrier to entry. As such a small handling fee is added.

    Is funding allowed on the TrustedIn Trading platform?

    No, TrustedIn Trading is specifically a social media platform which enables compliance on multiple jurisdictional basis. Different regions and countries maintain different rules and guidelines on how to market regulated products. As a social media platform, we do not ever have editorial control on what a project is posting; however, without inbuilt filtering and classification tools for investors, projects can maintain adherence to the guidelines which are set out in each jurisdiction. Funding must acquire through a registered broker-dealer.

    How do the project filtration systems work?

    In conjunction with your legal advisor, you will choose from which countries will accredited and potential retail participants be allowed to view your materials. Additionally, you can choose to ban entire geographic regions.

    Are full social media features available on the project launch pages?

    Yes, they are, but only the users who have been determined by the projects legal advisor with the classification established by the projects legal advisor will be able to see, like or comment on any postings/ articles/ media shares, etc.

    Are filtration and classification available on offsite links?

    Yes, by using the invite links your project page, you can add your project to external listing sites. This ensures when a user comes, to the platform to view your project, they will undergo classification and filtration before being admitted to your data.

    Can I find a job on TrustedIn Trading?

    Yes, company profiles can post jobs; available positions are viewable in the jobs section. Additionally, in phase 3 of platform development, we will add a freelancing module in which KYC’ed individual profiles can post relevant freelancing opportunities.

    Is there a cost associated with posting a job?

    While ion the beta stage, all job posting will be free of charge but only open to those who have five members of their team KYC’ed and added to their company profile.

    Can I add anyone to my company profile page?

    Yes, you can. However, they must
    1. Have an individual profile set up
    2. Accept to be part of your team. Please note adding people to your team who do not accept your request will raise red flags and can initiate an investigation of your company profile. Adding a user to a company profile or project profile which is not contracted to your team is strictly prohibited. This also means advisors, consultants, and other external contractors.

    Will adding my previous work experience help my profile?

    Yes, we are all about transparency, and as such, please feel free to add your previous work experiences and to ensure you add as much data as possible on the company.

    I have a duplicate account. What should I do?

    Having a duplicate KYC’ed account is impossible. If you have set up a duplicate profile which has not been validated, we suggest you remove the account which has least connections from your network.

    Can I see who has viewed my profile?

    Yes, you can view your most recent profile viewers on your profile page.